DWP ESA Atos ESA50 - 15 June 2009


The medical form (ESA50) that was supplied to Atos Healthcare which was maladministered by Atos.

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This website provides information on how Atos runs its business, extracts from the Contract between the DWP and Atos including the MEDICAL CONDITIONS that mean a face to face medical assessment is not always necessary, ASSESSMENTS AND POINTS, the breaches of Contract that occurred in my case, my unsound medical report and the correspondence showing how difficult it is to obtain justice or advice.

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The ESA50

The medical advice (ESA50) supplied to Atos Origin written by a lay person without medical knowledge.

ESA50 10/08 Limited Capability for work Questionnaire

The following is an extract of the information that I provided and which was stamped as being processed 15 June 2009. It took days to complete by hand as I was shaking and twitching. The hand writing is very poor despite the force of will to stop the shakes.

About You

...any special help you would need if you go for a medical assessment.

My ant-fit medicine makes me very tired. My right knee fails at times so I use a stick for support. There is no transport from H... to Q... Hospital which is the closest place for neuro-surgery. If I am strong, I can use public transport to go to Q... Hospital. My wife takes me to my local hospital.

Tell us about any times or dates in the next 3 months when you cannot go to a medical assessment.

August MRI scan and assessment at Q... Hospital.

Please tell us about your illness or disability

I have primary brain tumour, consultant ..., patient no: ..., ref: ..., medicine: ...

Anti-fit medicine makes me very tired (2000mg per day) ...bad handwriting.

Can't use PC for any length of time. TV can be tiring. Rest many times a day. Short walks difficult.

Are you receiving care ...


Are you having any hospital or clinical treatment?


What do you attend the hospital or clinic for?

Tumour investigation

Have you been in hospital as an in patient in the last 3 months?

Yes emergency admitted 15 April 2009 discharged 24 April 2009

Please tell us what you were in hospital for ...

Emergency admission due to fit. Suspected stroke. Scan revealed brain tumour. Referred to Q... Hospital. Stroke unit: ...

Do you expect to be admitted to hospital as an in-patient in the next 3 months?


Tell us what you are going into hospital for ...

Brain surgery. Biopsy or surgery and or radio therapy.

Are you pregnant?


Do you think any of your health problems are linked to drug or alcohol misuse...


Part 1 - Physical functions

1. Walking and using steps

Can you walk on level ground?


Can you walk at least 200 metres (about 220 yeard) before you need to stop?

It varies

Use this space to tell us how far you can walk...

Sometimes OK. Sometimes 10 mins then rest. Hills (slight) can be difficult.

Can you go up or down two steps, if there is a rail...


2. Standing and sitting

Can you remain standing up...


Use this space to tell us more about standing and sitting...

It is getting worse symptoms worse 10 days ago so follow up MRI scan moved earlier.

Can you sit in a chair?


Can you stay sitting on a chair...


Can you get up from a chair...


Can you move from one seat to another right next to it...


3. Bending and Kneeling

4. Reaching

Sometimes not right as tumour on left.

5. Picking up and moving things on the same level

Can you pick up and move a litre (two pint) carton full of liquid...

It varies

Can you pick up and move a half-litre (one pint) carton full of liquid...

It varies

Use this space to tell us more about picking things up...

Right weak as tumour on left of brain.

Can you use both hands together to pick up and move something big but light, like an empty cardboard box?


6. Manual Dexterity (Using your hands)

Can you use your hands to do things like ...

It varies

Use this space to tell us more...

Handwriting poor getting worse as right handed and tumour on left of brain.

7. Speech

Can you speak?


If yes, can you speak clearly enough for a stranger...


Use this space to tell us more...

Slur sometimes.

8. Hearing

Can you hear?


If yes, when someone is talking to you in a busy a street, can you hear what they are saying?

It varies

Use this space to tell us more...

Tumour related.

9. Seeing

Do you have any useful sight?


Can you see well enough to recognise a friend 15m (just over 15 yards) away ...


Do you have any other problems with your eyesight?

It varies

Use this space to tell us more...

Tumour related.

10. Controlling your bowels and bladder

11. Staying consious when awake

While you are awake, do you have fits or blackouts?


If you have a problem with fits or blackouts, do you get a warning that it is going to happen?


Use this space to tell us more...

Anti-fit medicine was doubled 10 days ago. Emergency MRI Scan.

Part 2 - Mental, cognitive and intellectual functions

12. Learning or comprehension in the completion of tasks

Can you learn how to do a simple task as long as someone shows you what to do?


Can you understand and remember how to do a more difficult task?


13. Awareness of hazard or danger

Can you manage your daily life safely?


14. Memory and concentration

Can you remember to do your usual daily routine?


Can you concentrate on your daily routines?


15. Execution of tasks

Do you have difficulties finishing routine daily jobs?

It varies

Use this space to tell us more...

Not if too tired (most mornings).

16. Initiating and sustaining personal action

Can you organise yourself to start and keep on with routine jobs?

It varies

Do you need encouragement...

It varies

Use this space to tell us more...

Tumour related.

17. Coping with change

18. Going out

19. Coping with social situations

20. Propriety of your behaviour with other people

21. Dealing with other people

Other information

My symptoms got worse 10 days ago. Consultant wanted me to be emergency admitted. GP agreed I could be treated at home as H... hospital can do nothing for me except treat symptoms. Doubling anti-fit has treated problems for now. Will receive analysis of MRI scan next week.

....too tired

12% survive 5 years. I am not optimistic (question to Parliament 2007 about Primary Brain Tumour)

...I am 52. I have had a reasonable innings. The doctors and hospitals have been excellent.

If you need more, talk to them or ring me if I am strong enough to answer.