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Welfare Reform Tyranny Direct From The USA

a feature article by Mrs S... - disabled veteran - 18 July 2012


If the British people are kept in the dark for long enough about welfare reforms, sooner or later the gross misrepresentation by this dangerous coalition government, against the sick and disabled population, will take form. The hard pushed and cash strapped able bodied public, many of whom are out of work and struggling for financial survival themselves, will focus their anger on others. They can't focus it on the government as they aren't listening.....

It should be cause for serious concern that the numbers of disability hate crimes are rising, the national press have been compromised, and the power and might of one of the world's most discredited corporate insurance giants does appear to have the ear of all UK governments since being invited to offer 'consultation', by the Thatcher government, back in 1994. (1) (2)

UNUM Insurance are one of the most discredited corporate insurance giants in the world, and were identified as being bogus by the American legal system long ago. (3) This notoriety hasn't had much of a negative impression as this corporate giant continues to benefit from their Income Protection Insurance policies, that refuse to pay out when someone attempts to make a claim. (3)

It should also be cause for serious concern that not only has this government compromised the national press but also the BBC as the BBC News transcript, from a news report in 2007 that identified Unum Insurance as being bogus, was removed from the BBC website once disability activists started to download it en mass. (4)

Even worse, high calibre BBC reporters, like John Humphreys on the prestigious BBC Radio 4's TODAY programme, demonstrated that all he knew about welfare reforms was that they were 'fair and for those most in need' hence the BBC are now propagating bogus government policy (5)

High calibre reporters, such as Sonia Poulton, expose deeply disturbing and detailed information regarding the dire suffering of those least able to fight for themselves. Sonia writes powerful features and, one in particular, was named: People are choosing suicide to escape poverty - is this the state's final solution? (6) Of course, surely the main concern must be why this powerful article was limited to Sonia's blog whilst the national paper she works for, namely the Daily Mail, continues to attack the chronically sick and disabled population in its printed pages that's mainly read by able bodied people. This is how the government corrupt the freedom of the press, persuade editors en mass to ignore the suffering, and promote the suggestion at least that a lot of us are work shy scroungers and happy to spend our lives on disability benefits. Need is ignored. I suggest that this level of tyranny against the disabled population could only be promoted by a Cabinet where the average contributor is a millionaire or richer. It remains unclear what, exactly, a millionaire MP comprehends about human need?!

Perhaps a cause for greater concern is the ongoing Leveson Inquiry. Lord Justice Leveson is a high calibre Judge with a significant reputation, so one needs to express concern that the Leveson Inquiry has prevented disabled people, or their representatives, from testifying to evidence of the attacks on disabled people by the national press. (7) So, now we can presume that this Inquiry is nothing more than another government cover up. They can be seen to be going through the motions of investigating the press, whilst limiting the most detailed of all possible evidence.(7)

Previous high calibre articles published on the Atos Victims Group website have attempted to expose the realities of this government funded US style of welfare tyranny, that will impact on the weakest in the UK, as the BBC refuse to report the suffering (8) that all comes from America: " It is cause for enormous concern that, when engaged as UK government advisers on welfare reform, in 1994, Unum Insurance were known as Unum Provident Insurance. This corporate insurance giant dominates the income protection (disability) insurance market, worldwide, with 25 million clients in the US alone. Unum Provident Insurance have a diabolical reputation, with strong evidence of atrocious tactics, and a resistance to funding the income protection insurance once a client made a claim following the onset of chronic ill health or permanent disability. (A*) " - an extract from Welfare Reform or Disability Denial Factories (2)

Whilst high calibre online disability support groups such as Black Triangle, Atos Victims Group News, DWP Examination, the Broken of Britain and Benefit Scrounging Scum are all dismissed by government, it seems that at least one prominent Tory representative is willing to stand up to be counted. I offer my warmest thanks to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, for having the courage to challenge his own government regarding the planned 20% cut in Disability Living Allowance (DLA) at a time when he will be distracted by the forthcoming Olympic Games. (9)

It must be further cause for concern to witness the government's ongoing manipulation of the national press. The dangerously shocking comments by the agitator Richard Littlejohn must be one of the worst offenders, and he is surely guilty of single handedly increasing disability hate crime with his shameful commentary in the Daily Mail. (10) Considering that this is the same newspaper that permits the powerful writings of Sonia Poulton (6), despite being limited to an online blog and prevented from being published in the printed pages, this demonstrates the control this government now have with the national press. Indeed, Sonia invited agreement for her powerful report (6) to be published in the Daily Mail newspaper but was refused. Hence, as initially advised, if the British able bodied public have limited access to reality, and the BBC and the national press follow government policy by exaggerating 'bogus' disability claims, it seems more than reasonable to anticipate an increase in disability hate crimes. (2)

The government has totally ignored amendments to the Work Capability Assessment(WCA) as suggested by the House of Lords, has ignored ten consecutive annual reports by the President of the Appeal Tribunals and all evidence by the front line national charities, such as Macmillan Cancer Care and Citizens Advice (2). The overwhelming vote by the British Medical Association(BMA) to remove the WCA, as undertaken by Atos Healthcare (12) will no doubt also be ignored by this government, who remain all powerful yet function without genuine authority as they continue to knowingly and intentionally mislead the public and terrorise disabled people.

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